Treating the Appearance of Acne Scars

When I was a teenager I had the worst acne imaginable which left many unattractive scars on my face. I have always been self-conscious about this and tried to cover them up with makeup. I’ve reached a point in my life where I want to wear less makeup and have the natural look but am a bit ashamed of the scars. Fortunately, my career has taken off quite well and I’m now able to do something about these unwanted scars. A local Singapore aesthetic clinic caught my eye as a viable option for treatment of my acne scars.

I was intrigued and hopeful after reading information about this on their website. They offer six different treatment options for acne scars which would require multiple sessions. With some of the options, I could have downtime of 3-5 days. The downtime is okay with me but I would have to schedule a week of vacation from work to make sure my job performance isn’t affected. I have set up an initial consultation for next week to talk to the aesthetic doctor about which option would be the best for me. I’m a bit anxious yet excited about the prospect of having my acne scars taken care of.

I’m not going to tell anybody I know about the possibility of having a procedure done to improve the appearance of my acne scars. Like I said earlier, I’m very self-conscious about these scars and don’t like to talk about or even acknowledge that they exist. Hopefully, everything will go well and the clinic with think I’m a suitable candidate and proceed with the treatment option that is best for me. I’ll report back here and let you all know how it went in hopes that it might help even one other person that has the same problem.