Tree That is Part of My Mother’s and My Childhood Memories

My grandfather planted a maple from a seedling he grew in a bucket. He planted it in the back yard before my mother was born. When she came along, the tree was already getting established. As Mom grew up, the tree grew too. When my grandparents retired and moved to Florida, they were selling the house. I decided to buy it. I have a Nassau County tree service come out now every year to keep that oak tree in good shape. My grandparents come back to visit at least once a year, and my mother and father come over often now that I am married and have children.

My wife told me she was pregnant by giving me maple seeds and a bucket a couple of years ago. That seedling grew and is now another maple tree growing in our back yard. There is a tire swing on the big tree that I used to swing on when I was a kid. It has a piece of thick rubber covering the top and sides of the stout branch, and a chain is looped over it. The rubber protects the tree branch from wear as kids get on the tire swing. One day the little tree will be big enough to have its own tire swing. We have the Nassau County tree service keep an eye on the little tree as it grows alongside its big brother.

Trees are so capable of marking moments in time. They grow slowly and endure for ages. They are so tied with many of the memories that I have of this place that I would be very sad if one of them had to be cut down. I wonder how many other trees there are in the world that are special to someone’s memory of childhood?