Waiting for the Magic to Happen

Last month, thanks to one of the transport services in Singapore, my friends and I were able to have a great time. We went to Singapore for a trip and wanted to learn a lot about the country. We hired a guide to help us by telling us the best places to go. While we were there, one member of our group decided that it would be a good time to propose to his girlfriend. He had a ring that he bought months ago and wanted to pop the question before we left Singapore. He was waiting for just the right time to do it.

As we went from place to place in Singapore, we were all looking at our friend to see if he was going to propose, but he didn’t yet. It was getting pretty suspenseful and we knew that he could get down on one knee at any time, but he kept the ring in his pocket and just went on each day as if nothing was going to happen. We started taking bets on when our friend would actually pop the question. We all picked different days of the trip and bet on which one we thought would be the proposal date.

I was close to winning the bet, because I bet that our friend would propose to his girlfriend on the last day of the trip, but he did it on the second to last day. It happened after dinner, while we were on the beach at night. We heard a loud shout come from his girlfriend, and when we looked over, he was already on one knee. As she said yes, we all let out a big cheer. The wedding date hasn’t been set yet, nor the location, but I hope they go back to Singapore to get married.