We Bought a Small House

Of course you see it all of the time on TV, where they show you how easy it is to buy a house, make some improvements and then sell it for a profit. That is not exactly what we are doing, because the plan is to live here for as long as we need to and then try to turn a profit. The place is tiny and it has a fair number of problems, so we paid rather little for it. At first we called a Ottawa carpet cleaning place and when they told us how much it would cost to clean the carpets we decided to just rip them out. There was a beautiful hardwood floor under it and we realized that it would be fairly simple to get it to sparkle. When we get around to it we can rent the machine that you need to buff the floors out until they shine like new money. I have a pretty good idea of how to do it and I will start in an area we intend to cover with an entry rug.

One of the big things is the wiring in the place. I do not know too much about electrical work, but even I can tell that this stuff is not kosher. It seems pretty obvious that it was done by the original owner or some other amateur. That must have been decades ago and I have to think that the best idea is to rip all of it out and start over. In fact it was wired with aluminum and that has caused some issues which electricians know about. When the wire gets overheated it crystallizes and stops conducting current the way that it is supposed to. So there are some lights which just do not work.