We Decided to Design Our Own Brochure

My husband and I have been owners of our own business for nearly six years now. We depend on brochures for advertising, since people who want our product are more than likely going to choose a company only after looking at a brochure of what can be done. We had hired a copywriter for this, but we were not happy with the results we were getting. My husband had looked into some copywriting courses in Singapore, and I thought that he was wanting to learn the business of copywriting for himself. He told me he had found a 12 hour course, and he felt we should take it together.

It really surprised me that he wanted us both to do it, but I agreed with his reasoning. We were not happy with the copywriter that we had hired, but we still needed to have someone write up the brochures for us. We had said time and time again that we could do just as good a job as our former copywriter, and then some. We knew that we did not need to take an overly extensive course, but the 12 hour course at Orita Sinclair seemed perfect for both of us to see if we could actually do a better job.

It ended up being four meetings with each one lasting three hours. The price for both of us to take this course was less than what we would have paid for our former copywriter to handle the newest brochure for us, so it was money well spent. It allowed us to learn the tricks and rules of copywriting, and we were able to use our own imagination rather than rely on someone else. The end result was a gorgeous brochure that has brought in so much business for us, so taking the copywriting course definitely paid off for us.