We Finally Feel Financially Safe in Life Now

I had always thought that California would be a nice place to live. My parents had taken me their for many vacations as a child. I loved that the days were warm and the nights were cool thanks to the breezes coming in off of the ocean water. I liked the pleasant change in the weather each day. My husband came to me and discussed moving there with me thanks to a job promotion he was thinking of accepting. Talk about exciting! I began looking up home communities online and fell in love with Hope Ranch and some other places. I asked if he thought it would be possible to move into one of those niceplaces, and he said that his company would be paying him enough with the promotion that would be very possible. As soon as I learned that, I told him I was all for moving.

When you and your spouse are very young and broke when you first marry, you don’t really think about the fact that you won’t always be dealing with financial struggles. We were only 18 when we married, and all we could think about was making sure that we could cover our rent and pay for some decent, yet very basic, food. There were times that we couldn’t afford much more than a can of soup to share with each other. But we remained focused on working hard, and over the years, we kept moving up the job ladder. When my husband finally became an executive, we felt we were finally safe.

Moving to California has been really nice. We ended up buying property in Hope Ranch. We began building a home to our exact specifications on that property after that. We love the final version of the house and have been living in it for about six months. It feels luxurious and we really love the community that we are living in.