We Love the Board with Brains

This is a great age for teachers and students, because innovations are always being made for learning. When I was growing up, my teachers used blackboards with chalk for teaching. They weren’t pleasant to see or hear, and getting chalk on your hands was the most annoying thing. Then when I became a little older, they started using white boards with dry erase markers. They were better, but just a new take on the same old idea. Recently the school where I work had smartboard installation done, and I love using it with the students.

The smartboard is better than a regular board because it can be used without the need of a disposable medium, like chalk or ink. The board can be written on with a special digital device. Things that are written on the board can be saved and printed, so if the students forget anything that was discussed in the class, they can have a copy of the notes and remember it all over again. I especially like using the board to make up quiz games for the students. I feel that the students learn more when they have a fun, interactive experience, as opposed to a boring one.

When the board was first installed, the kids were amazed that it was there and wanted to be the first to try it out. I called each student up one by one to have a turn at the board. I didn’t realize it, but this interaction with the board was sparking their curiosity in technology, something that can have an impact on their future career choices. Some kids may want to learn more about technology and become a programmer or a developer in the future. They may be able to make some innovative ideas that will even surpass the smartboard.