Who is in Your Family Tree?

Now that we have the ability to send in our DNA and found out who are relatives area, I think that it is really cool. I like that we can find out who will fall from our family tree when we shake it. There are always a few nuts but generally I have been pretty lucky. There are people who tell me that I need to make sure that I look up saari raat neend na aave and other people that would be really into seeing if I am related to them but people do not realize how the service works. You send in your DNA and they tell you if you have any relatives of people who have already sent in their DNA as well. I know that the law and science do not catch up with each other all of the time but I think that it’s interesting that you can catch a killer using the database.

They actually found a really popular killer from years ago when they sent in the DNA sample to the company who processes all of the different samples. I would much rather have time with my family that I did not know about then spend time with family that I really do not like. I really do not like a lot of different people in my family and I think that is okay not to like everyone all of the time. That is what makes life so great, the way that you either fight or go with the flow. Finding out who you are and what you like to do is so important. Doing the right thing will also keep you in a much simpler life then if you go out and you spend all of the time fighting with drama and other nonsense.